Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Currently Reading

As many of you may know I am an avid reader, and I will not deny that on the few date nights my husband and I get we sometimes end up at our local Barnes & Noble. Yes, bookstores still exist! I also really enjoy spending time alone at the Folsom library. It is a beautiful library where I can stock up on books for Luna and for us, as well as, videos or music.  I think some people these days have forgotten libraries are great places for knowledge and free entertainment!

The new books that I am about to dig into are:

The Body Book by Cameron Diaz - I browsed through this while drinking tea at Barnes and its amazing and had to come home with me.

Money: Master the Game by Tony Robbins - My husband and I enjoy reading the same books once in awhile, and we like to read it simultaneously so we bought two copies! This book has great reviews thus far and whats even better is that 100% of the proceeds are being donated to Feeding America. I am all for some financial education and donating!

The Book of Psalms (Barnes & Noble edition) - During the holidays Barnes & Nobles usually has a lot of fancy editions and this was one of them.  Its a small beautiful book that I can carry with me which is great! What better than a daily Psalm for some uplifting!

I also wanted to list a few books that I have currently read or I am about to complete:

Husband's Secrety by Liane Moriaty - Great read with suspense! 

Unleash the Power of the Female Brain by Dr. Daniel Amen - I am almost done with this one, and I definitely recommend it to all the woman in my life! 

The Conscious Parent by Shefali Tsabary, Ph.D. - I always have at least one parenting book in my rotation and this is the one to get right now! I am taking my time reading this because it is very deep, and I like that she focuses more on the issues that come into play in the parents parenting style. If your a parent check it out!

If any of you have any book suggestions, I would love to hear them. 

Monday, December 8, 2014

Entryway Follow-Up

Here's an update on our entryway. I realize it is long overdue, and figured it would be good to post it up before I start adding Christmas decor! Most of the trinkets are from Home Goods (love that store).

As indicated, we purchased the shoe cabinet from Ikea. We added new brass knobs purchased from Lowe's, and left the cabinet white. The sunburst mirror is from Target. I gold-leafed the pot for my plant.  Every space looks better with greenery. 

We painted the entryway decorator's white and painted our doors black. The rug was purchased at Ikea as well, and I will probably switch it out eventually. 

Hope you all enjoyed the peek of my entryway.  It is still a work in progress...then again, decorating is always a work in progress! 

Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Decor: Entryway

I love interior decorating and now that we have settled into our home and our daughter is a little older (13 months).  I am finally starting to get into the groove of things and ready to tackle some decor projects.  Some of our home has been updated with new paint (bedrooms only, but they still need finishing touches).  Therefore, I am going to start a decor series and give you all glimpses of my home and the updates we are making.  

I am beginning with our entryway. It currently looks like this: 

As you can see, I do not have much space for an entryway table, but I will make it work! There were tons of beautifully styled entryways on Pinterest that I love, but since we have limited space for any substantial furniture or decor, I knew I had to get creative.  Therefore, I went for an Ikea shoe cabinet for style and function. So here are a few photos of what we have chosen and some inspiration:
The above photo is the paint color we chose for the entryway which is Revere Pewter by Benjamin Moore, but I found out that I can get any color matched at Lowes as long as I have the name.  And that is exactly what I did! The color doesn't stand out as much as I wanted it to, so I may darken it or it may grow on me. 

One of my tricks is always buying new hardware (especially for cheaper furniture).  I picked up Allen+Roth knobs at my local Lowes. 

I look forward to sharing the final entryway photos with all of you!

Hope your are having a great start to the week!

Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Just say HELLO!

Even though I tend to be more introverted, I am always that person that smiles and says hello. I make conversations with strangers while I'm out whether it's at Target, at the coffee shop or grocery store. Every time I strike up a conversation with a stranger they always end up reciprocating (some more than others), and either way it feels great. But you know what's weird, it's rare that a stranger initiates a conversation with me! 

It finally happened while I was shopping for a new purse when a friendly woman said "I think it looks great," and we proceeded to have a full conversation about purses and our kids! Honestly, that simple conversation made me happy and I even got home and told my husband all about it. So why is it that more people don't just say Hello anymore or just strike up conversation? Is it becoming a lost art? Does the young generation even know how to strike up conversation?

Then I happen to catch Oprah on Piers Morgan where she was being interviewed about her magazine's Just Say Hello campaign, and of course it's struck a chord with me. I feel as though many people have a hard time going outside themselves in order to make a person happy and just say Hello. 

I'm guilty of having a hard time picking up the phone to actually make a voice call. It even feels odd calling like I don't want to inconvenience them.  But I will admit that I am still that person to initiate a text conversation to check in on a friend or family member. Texting has become our go-to way of communicating which is effective, but in my opinion very impersonal. 

When I get out on my solo outings (especially after being at home with our one year old all week) I'm craving adult friendly interaction. But most people just stay in there own little world and don't want to be bothered. Don't they know just saying Hello would be nice. Of course actually starting a conversation would be amazing...and let's not even talk about how amazing it would be to break bread and drink wine with new or old friends! 

I seriously could be an ambassador for the Just Say Hello campaign! Hello Oprah! Haha! And I may even give myself the title! Paying it forward with hellos! 

Who have you said Hello to today? Are you a Hello kinda person? What stops you? Come on lets make somebody's day together! I would love to hear your feedback. 

Thursday, February 13, 2014

It's time to Celebrate LOVE

I really dislike LOVE haters! And therefore, people who hate on Valentine's Day are included! I love Valentine's Day! I know what all you haters are thinking...blah blah blah its just a "Hallmark" holiday, but why not see it in a positive way and for what it is, a day to celebrate Love! 

Even when I was single and all my attached/married girlfriends had their someone special, I was never a hater. For me, my first true valentine was my dad.  Every Valentine's Day he would come home from work with a bouquet of flowers for my mom and a little something for me.  

In my opinion, people need to be more affectionate, and as adults we need to teach our children about love, empathy and affection. What a better day to do that than on Valentine's day! 

Of course, like the naysayers, I do believe that love should be celebrated all the time, but we all know that is not everyone's reality. It is like the people who say Christmas is no longer about the true meaning, which I agree with, but it doesn't stop me from celebrating it.  It is more about celebrating the holidays the way you believe they should be celebrated! 

For me, Valentine's Day will be a day to send messages to all my friends and family and let them know they are loved on this day and always, my husband will be told a 100 more times how much I love him and I'll give him a little gift, and now our Luna will get to share the day with us and will definitely get lots of extra kisses!  

So on this day before Valentine's Day why not find it in your heart to celebrate the ones you Love (this doesn't have to be a boyfriend/husband/partner, what about your parents, your kids, your friends, your grandma or a kind stranger).   Believe me the smile and joy will be worth it! 

Here's a few ideas of ways to show your love:

  • An extra big hug & extra kisses
  • A cup of coffee and sweet treat (donut anyone?)
  • A handwritten note
  • A phone call (yes, remember those!)
  • Be a Valentine to a friend that you know is in need of a companion

Happy early Valentine's Day! XO


Tuesday, February 11, 2014

What's on your DVR?

I thought it would be fun to share what's on my DVR! After I typed out my list of shows, I was hesitant to share because its a long list, and I am not necessarily proud of my brain cell sucking shows!  So just to make myself feel better, I would like you all to know that I do not sit in front of the TV all day! I usually catch up on my recordings on Friday nights. Now that I've justified myself, here's my list of shows:

1. The Chew 

This show is a combination of silly humor and delicious food! With an unexpected cast. Chef Michael Symon cracks me up! And prior to this I was never a Mario Batali fan because I thought he was cocky, but in all honestly he can throw it down in the kitchen so he can definitely back it up! 

2. Shahs of Sunset

This is one of those ridiculous Bravo shows, but I can't help it...they had me at over-the-top bougie! Besides their crazy drama and bling, they are family-oriented, friends and movers & shakers. 

3. Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen

This late night show never competes with the lame drama of Leno vs Kimmell vs Letterman vs Conan. Andy Cohen slips through the cracks and still manages to get great people on his show! I never watch the interviews with people I don't care for (best part of DVR you can hit delete), but he gets some truly great interviews!

4. Shark Tank 

The thinker/heart on my sleeve/brainy side loves this show! It's inspiring and gives many small business owners and inventors an opportunity that otherwise they would have never got. 

5. The Bachelor (1st time in awhile)

I am a little ashamed to admit this one, but I got sucked into the hype of latin guy used to play soccer, then quit when he became a father (a little like my husband)! This is a show that I love to hate, but still watch! Whenever I get around to catch up, I end up yelling at him or the girls! Especially after reading this post  where I learned that the woman are completely isolated from the world...which made me think, no wonder they are so loony and ga-ga over this guy! The show is a human experiment that is meant to make them look desperate. 

6. Anthony Bourdain: No Reservations (or Parts Unknown)

Last, but not least, I have always liked Anthony Bourdain because he has a funny sense of humor and really shows the reality of the countries he's visiting and their foods which I find amazing! One of my favorite episodes is when he travels to Madrid right after Spain won the World Cup.  

Now that I have divulged what's on my DVR, I would love to hear what's on yours. Please share your favorite shows with me! 

Thursday, February 6, 2014

Luna's Birthday Lunch

This weekend we had a family lunch for our Amelia Luna's 1st birthday. I pondered on whether to plan a big party or a small simple gathering. I felt guilty over not going all out since she's our one and only, but in all honesty both my husband and I are not into hosting or attending big parties. We both prefer intimate gatherings, and since our daughter is a product of us and she has no clue yet, we figured let's just have her a little gathering. 

I had planned on baking Luna's little cake myself, but that didn't happen! So the morning of, when I went to the grocery store for a last minute run, I asked the bakery if they would sell me two white cake cupcakes with no icing and they did! Me and my brilliant semi-homemade ideas! 

I was so happy at how great it all turned out!! Our daughter was beaming with joy and you could certainly feel the love in the room! 

Below our some of the photos from our little one's special day. 

Luna's 1st Birthday Cake

Mommy I'm distracted by my cake crumbs...
Uncle & Daddy's cousin

Mommy, Me, Nina Alma & Mikey

My loves



Thank you to our family and Luna's godparents for making her first birthday extra special!